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Headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Abunayyan Holding is one of the longest-active companies in the power and water business, and has grown to accommodate +4,500 employees spread across its subsidiaries in the kingdom and throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

Founded in 1950 to supply diesel-powered water pumps to farmers, permanently transforming the nation’s irrigation methods, the company that began as a family business has blossomed into an impressive portfolio spanning more than a dozen strategic business units that provide integrated solutions for water, power, oil and gas. With its roots firmly planted in Saudi Arabia and the kingdom’s development, Abunayyan Holding offers turnkey solutions through core activities including manufacturing, design, construction, and trading.

Abunayyan Holding has 14 Strategic Business Units (SBUs):

1. Abunayyan Trading

2. Abunayyan Meters


4. Chromalloy Arabia

5. Toray Membranes Middle East


7. KSB Arabia

8. Saudi Tumpane

9. ECO

10. Arabian Qudra

11. EEIC

12. IICS

13. Citiscape

14. United Food Company - UFC

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