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AfricInvest was founded in the early 1990s, an investment and financial services company.

Uniquely positioned as one of the most experienced private equity investors on the continent, AfricInvest has dedicated investment teams focused on Africa, and employs more than 90 professionals in eleven offices .

AfricInvest raised USD 1.9 bn across 21 funds and benefits from strong, long-term support from both local and international investors, including leading development finance institutions in the United States and Europe.

Having co-founded the African Venture Capital Association (AVCA) as well as the Emerging Markets GPCA (Former EMPEA) and the Euromed Capital Forum, the firm is an active promotor of the private equity industry in the region.

Since the beginning, AfricInvest has invested in more than 180 companies across 25 African countries in a variety of high growth sectors and maintains a broad network of high-quality executives across Africa, offering extensive expertise in key growth industries, including financial services, agribusiness, consumer/retail, education, and healthcare.

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