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ALLETE Clean Energy, where our mission is to deliver sustainable solutions that help our customers, which include some of the largest corporations in the United States, achieve their climate-action goals.

We are an independent power producer and supplier that develops and acquires renewable projects and delivers clean energy solutions at the heart of the exciting energy transformation underway across North America. Our entrepreneurial spirit and talented team fuels our passion for clean energy project development, construction and efficient operations. We’re open to all types of business relationships where we can make a difference in advancing companies’ sustainability objectives. An ALLETE company (NYSE:ALE), we own, operate, and are developing, constructing and commissioning approximately 1,340 megawatts of nameplate capacity wind energy generation across seven states, all contracted under power sales agreements of various durations. We also engage in the development of wind energy facilities for sale to others upon completion.

The ALLETE Clean Energy Advantage

A wholly owned subsidiary of ALLETE Inc., which has a solid history of successfully diversifying corporate resources

Capital access and strong balance sheet

Experience in forming strategic partnerships to meet technology opportunities

Deep understanding of energy markets, infrastructure operations and customer needs

Ability to anticipate and adapt to industry, political and environmental changes

Renewable industry expertise with a passion to leverage a wide range of technology and business solutions to advance sustainable energy solutions.

Strategically located in the renewable resource-rich Midwest, with corporate offices in Duluth, Minnesota, and operating assets and talented employees across seven states.

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