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Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)

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Founded in 1851, the Bank of the Philippine Islands is the first bank in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia. Together with its subsidiaries and affiliates, BPI, a universal bank, offers a wide range of financial products and services that serve both retail and corporate clients.

Get ready to start a bright future with us.

We have diverse talents and expertise — from individuals who keep up with the gyrations of the financial markets, to those who collect and analyze data, to people who help clients with their simple or complex financial needs and even tech-savvy millennials with a knack for creating apps.

Our Mission

We are your trusted financial adviser, nurturing your future and making life easier

Our Vision

Building a better Philippines -- one family, one community at a time

Our Values

We are Nurturing.

We act with Integrity.

We are Customer Obsessed.

We act with Excellence.


1. Rich heritage in banking and finance

- BPI continues to pave the way for the Philippine banking and financial industry, supporting economic growth and nation-building.

2. Reputation for financial prudence and client trust

- BPI is widely known and respected for its financial expertise and prudence, client trust, and industry leadership.

3. Culture of excellence

- BPI has a culture of excellence, where employees feel that they are working on something meaningful, significant and purpose-driven, towards a common goal and purpose.

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