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Since its creation in 1998, BMCE Capital has offered a wide range of financial solutions for corporates, institutions and individuals.

Investment banking division of BANK OF AFRICA - BMCE Group, a morrocan banking institution with a worldwide dimension, BMCE Capital intends to play a leading role in the development of the continent’s financial markets,

Based in Casablanca, a real exchange hub between Europe, Africa and the Middle East, BMCE Capital is present in Tunisia through its subsidiary BMCE Capital Tunisie and in West Africa through BOA Capital.

BMCE Capital benefits from the large network of its parent company, Bank Of Africa, in Africa and around the world. Its development is based on the strategic vision shared by all of its employees of becoming a leading pan-African investment bank.

Organized into 9 complementary and integrated business lines, our organization promotes the consolidation of expertise in order to create value for our customers. It allows us to provide relevant answers to operators and investors looking for global and innovative solutions.

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