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Catalyst Power Holdings LLC


Catalyst Power is an independent, integrated retail energy and distributed energy solutions provider.

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Catalyst Power develops novel and highly repeatable energy supply options for commercial and industrial end-users of all sizes. Today, these options include combinations of onsite solar, natural gas engines, and retail power and gas supply.

Distributed energy resources and other value-additive retail energy supply options are proliferating – especially distributed generation. At this time, only sizable and highly connected market players can access these valuable opportunities efficiently and to scale. Catalyst Power democratizes access to these options by leveraging new and existing tools to identify, underwrite, fund, and operate more cost-effective onsite projects for its REP customers.

As a first-of-its-kind energy company, Catalyst Power architects, implements, and delivers end-to-end energy solutions leveraging our proprietary technology platform, unique access to data, and decades of experience. The end result is real value for customers who have never had access to these types of offerings before.

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