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Becoming one of the leading FDI Non-life insurance company in Vietnam.


Since its establishment in 1993, Cathay Century Insurance has upheld the philosophy of stable growth in both quality and quantity and offers a full line of property and casualty insurance products. At the same time, Cathay Century Insurance is keen to maintain customer relationships and enhance service quality. In 2007, we became the second largest P&C insurer in Taiwan. In addition to ISO9001 Certification for auto insurance claims and loss prevention services, Cathay Century Insurance also received ratings of twAA+ from Taiwan Ratings, A- from S&P, and A2 from Moody’s.

Since becoming a member of Cathay Financial Holdings in 2002, Cathay Century Insurance has offered a more complete range of professional services through the CFH’s resource integration among subsidiaries. It also becomes the best risk management consultant of customers. Cathay Century Insurance not only enjoys a great reputation in Taiwan but also received the internationally acclaimed honor of “the General Insurance Company of the Year 2009” in Asia, proving itself a first-rate P&C insurer in Asia.

With its excellent performance in Taiwan, Cathay Century Insurance decided to extend overseas. The first subsidiary was set up in shanghai in 2008. Cathay Century Insurance also established a representative office in Vietnam in 2007 and Cathay Insurance (Vietnam) Company Limited was officially established on October 28, 2010. Hanoi Branch was established on April 8, 2011.

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