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CDC Data Centres

The Critical Infrastructure for Critical Infrastructure


Established in 2007 as a clean and green data centre provider, CDC Data Centres is Australia’s leading operator of sovereign, secure, world-class data centre facilities.

CDC Data Centres is headquartered in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT, Australia), which is currently home to six of our data centres across two diverse campuses. Our Sydney (NSW, Australia) campus at Eastern Creek is currently home to three data centres, with another under construction.

To support the demand of our customers, CDC Data Centres is currently expanding into New Zealand and Melbourne (VIC, Australia). Our two new data centres in New Zealand are currently under construction and will be available for our customers in early 2022. Our Melbourne data centres will start construction shortly.

Across all our data centres, CDC Data Centres provides secure data centre configurations that support co-location, containerised and hyperscale compute environments with all campuses interconnected with high-speed carrier grade networks.

As we continue to grow and serve our customers, we are seeking to attract, retain and grow the world’s best data centre team.

We credit our track record to date to the exceptional focus we put on our customers and their needs and the calibre of our people. We are passionate about creating an inclusive workplace that promotes and values diversity, collaboration, foresight and agility. Our people are responsive, innovative and trusted in supporting our customers.

Together, we configure the landscape to meet the security, reliability, connectivity and sustainability needs for today and tomorrow.

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