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ECP is a Project Management Consulting Group, acting in the Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Energy, Defense, Infrastructures, Chemistry, Metallurgy sectors. Founded in 1988 and established on a solid reputation of professionalism, ECP has developed a complete offer for the Management of your projects and provides innovative and integrated solutions.

As project management specialists, we can intervene on all our clients’ projects phases, from feasibility studies to post-project appraisal.

Our jobs are:

Project management

Estimate of expense items

Scheduling and physical progress

Cost management / Cost estimate

Risks management,

Contract and Claim management


Integrated management (Quality Safety Environment / System audits

Documentation control management,

Technical coordination

PMO (Project Management Office): Solutions for projects’ efficiency

Our expertise in industrial projects is a huge advantage for your project management reference framework, for managing your teams, for project support, lessons learned processes and more. With ECP, managing your portfolio of projects is so much simpler.

Key expertise: Secured ROI, Secured Milestones, State-of-the-art in project management

Key service: Experienced scalable and result oriented experts

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