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EDF Renewables Israel

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Founded in 2009

הרצליה, מרכז


EDF Renewables Israel, part of the global EDF Group (the French National Electricity Company), is the leading company in the growing and competitive Israeli renewable energy market.

As part of a foremost world corporation, EDF Renewables IL is a market leader in the Israeli energy landscape with the financial stability and proven capabilities to develop, plan and execute ground-breaking projects on a national scale with proven track record.

EDF Renewables Israel has been an active player on the renewable energy scene in Israel since 2009, and its offices are located in the #MixerBuilding in the trendy and cutting-edge hi-tech hub in Herzliya Pituach, right on the train line.

EDF RE-IL's vision is to spearhead the renewable energy revolution in Israel by developing projects based on the most innovative solutions and top-notch technologies in the field.

EDF-RE IL has extensive experience in every stage of renewable energy projects: initiation, development, planning and engineering, procurement, construction, operation, maintenance and management. EDF-RE IL has been actively involved in all implementation types of PV, including ground projects, electricity storage, projects over agricultural fields (Agro PV) and on fishponds, water reservoirs, and roofs.

With respect for both the environment and people at its core, EDF Renewables Israel is also dedicated to the daily application of environmental, safety and sustainability values as well as to the development of its most important resource – its human capital. Facilitating optimal work-home balance, offering top employment conditions, opportunities for personal development and creative thinking, are all top priorities for us.

EDF RE-IL is in an accelerated process of growth, keeping pace with industry-wide development and adding many exciting and challenging positions. Our Jobs page is continually updating with new opportunities. We invite you to take a look at our latest openings and join our team!

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