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Using the power of wind, sun and water to lead the energy transition.

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Our story began more than 40 years ago, in Portugal. Today we are a global company, among the biggest players in the energy sector in Europe and the 4th largest producer of wind energy, with almost 13 MW of installed capacity.

We want to build a new energy, promoting renewable sources, and be 100% green by 2030. In Portugal, be committed to the democratization of decentralized solar energy, through energy communities, increasing the more than 35,000 homes (in 2022) benefited by solar energy due to self-consumption.

Continue to promote decarbonization through electric mobility by providing faster and more modernized solutions to drivers.

Our energy is the energy that strives to create a better future, inspired by people from 3 continents, 29 markets and 44 different nationalities. It is the energy that knows no borders, that never sleeps, and that unites us.

Every day, we choose the Earth.

Welcome to the EDP page in Portugal.

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