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Energiekontor UK Management Ltd

Renewable Energy Asset Manager. Over 100 operational assets managed in the UK & Europe. Ask us about our service...


Offering full scope Renewable Energy Asset Management and Optimisation services, Energiekontor UK Management Ltd is based in Glasgow, UK.

Energiekontor's UK and German based Asset Management experts work together to monitor, analyse and manage the obligations of Energiekontor's own assets, and those of our clients.

Energiekontor is known for innovative optimisation initiatives, driving increased yield on all of our own plant. Clients may directly benefit from those technical innovations, where we have carried the brunt of the development risk. Clients can expect to see proven optimisation initiatives like our Rotor Blade Extension project with potential increase in Annual Energy Production of 9% to 10% ( ).

Our focus on Asset Management is twofold:


Health & Safety, Environment, Corporate, Planning, Facility Agreement, Grid Code, PPA, All other Legislation and Regulation


Monitoring, Analysis, Optimisation, O&M Management, Defects, Insurance

Energiekontor would be delighted to talk through any of our activities with you, just get in touch.

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