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Energix is one of Israel’s largest renewable energy companies with market value of USD 500 million, holding a portfolio of more than 1GW of projects under development worldwide.


# Energix is a public company (traded at Tel Aviv Stock Exchange) owned by Alony-Hetz Properties and Investments Ltd, a known real-estate investments groups, with investments in Switzerland, UK and the US.

# Over the last 10 years Energix built, connected to the grid and operated the 2nd largest wind farm in Poland, with a total capacity of 106MW as well as dozens of PV Solar projects in Israel with total capacity of 50MW.

# Energix is a one-stop-shop company which executes the construction of 142MW of PV projects in Israel addition to the development of the largest wind farm in the country with a total capacity of 152MW.

# Since its establishment, Energix has been led by Mr. Asa Levinger. With a wealth of experience in developing, constructing, financing and operating renewable energy projects, Mr. Levinger has led Energix since its inception in 2009, and made it grow from a small-scale installation company into one of the largest renewable energy companies in Israel.

# Energix secured over the years more than US $300 million in debt financing from commercial banks and well known financial institutions and raised over US $170 million in equity, while establishing a strong relationship with leading top-tier suppliers and manufacturers including First Solar and SMA.

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