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EOS Investment Management Group (“EOS IM Group”) is a leading independent international fund management group, specialising in alternative asset sector. EOS IM Group’s focus is to provide the professional investor community with diversified funds that provide long term investment performance through their direct access to the real economy. EOS IM Group operates as an integrated group of specialists working closely with its industry partners. The group was created to provide an end to end service for investors and capital allocators wanting access to the benefits derived from an international leader in the renewable energy, infrastructure and broad private equity sectors. The EOS IM Group structure provides the capability to identify opportunities, invest, structure and manage the real economy assets. We add value through the integrated balance of experience, insight and innovation. EOS IM Group’s operations, are located across Europe in the UK, Luxembourg and Italy.

The EOS IM Group comprises the following entities:

EOS Investment Management Ltd | Alternative Investment Fund Manager

Fysis Specialized Asset Management S.à r.l. | General Partner

EOS Energy Partners Ltd | Investment Advisor

EOS Energy Advisory Srl | Investment Advisor

EOS Private Equity Partners Srl | Investment Advisor

Manage Your Energy Srl | Operational Asset Manager

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