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Exus Management Partners

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Independent investment and asset management firm focused on the renewable energy sector.

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Exus Management Partners is an independent investment and asset management firm focused on the renewable energy sector (wind, photovoltaic and small hydro). Our firm combines comprehensive financial, technical and operational know-how which ensures turn-key investment solutions developed along two lines:

I) Origination and structuring of equity, debt or hybrid investments ;

(Ii) Fully integrated management and operation of renewable energy assets .

With more than 20 years of experience in the renewable energy sector Exus Management Partners has in-depth understanding of the complexity and fragmentation of this market bridging the gap between private and institutional investors and specific renewable energy assets.Exus Management Partners highly multidisciplinary team, well reputed in the sector, has proven capability to manage diverse portfolios, in different markets, providing attractive tailor-made investment solutions.

Our team has unique core competencies to optimize and technically enhance the performance of energy assets, to assess and manage risk, seeking to adapt each project's return to investor's expectations.

Exus has presence in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, France, Turkey, Brazil, US and Mexico with a total of 9 GW under management.

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