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FCC Environment CEE


Our job is often seen as a dirty one, however it´s vitally important and diverse. Let´s discover our colorful wo...

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Founded in 1988

Himberg, Lower Austria


FCC Environment CEE offers a broad spectrum of services to municipalities, industrial, commercial and retail, as well as to individuals in the field of urban and environmental services. Our goal is to secure sustainable quality of life for the present and future generations by minimizing environmental impact thanks to investment in clean technologies.

FCC Environment CEE collects and treats waste from more than 4,3M residents and from more than 51.500 industrial and commercial customers in 7 countries in CEE (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia).

We see waste as a resource. From the moment collected by trucks, waste is brought into an integrated waste mngmnt system where available technologies for recycling and recovery are embedded. Waste to energy is part of a comprehensive concept including treatment of biodegradable materials and processing of sorted out valuable materials to save natural resources.

We improve the living conditions in cities keeping the streets cleaner and cities greener without an ecological burden or danger for the future.

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