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GCL Technology Holdings Limited (“GCL Tech”) is a leading global solar materials manufacturer with advanced solar technologies. GCL Tech spent more than 10 years developing one of the world’s most sophisticated solar technologies, the Fluidized Bed Reactor (“FBR”) technology, for the mass production of high-efficient granular silicon, which has the characteristics of lower production cost, lesser energy consumption and fewer carbon emissions in its production.

In October 2021, GCL Tech received carbon footprint certification issued by a renowned international certification body - the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (“ADEME”) certified that GCL Tech’s carbon footprint in producing 1 kg of granular silicon is 37.0 kg carbon dioxide equivalent, which is much lower than the previous world record of 57.6 kg held by another leading polysilicon manufacturer adopting non-FBR technology.

GCL Tech operates from three polysilicon production bases in China with an aggregate capacity of approximately 185,000 tonnes at the end of 2022 and is targeted to ramp up its capacity further to at least 300,000 tonnes by the end of 2023. Currently, some of the world’s largest downstream solar materials manufacturers have committed to long-term procurement contracts to purchase approximately 1.7 million tonnes of granular silicon from GCL Tech, reflecting their recognition of the quality of GCL Tech’s granular silicon.

Listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2007, GCL Tech (Stock Code: 3800.HK) is a constituent stock of the MSCI China All Shares Index, the Hang Seng Composite Index, and the Hang Seng China (Hong Kong-listed) 100 Index.

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