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Green Energy 3000 GmbH

Unendlich Energie - Infinite energy


Green Energy 3000 Holding is project developer and investor in the field of renewable energy with international experience of many years in delivering solutions for green field development , engineering,

purchasing, financing, construction as well as

technical and commercial management including

maintenance services.

In close cooperation with landowners, local authorities,

grid operators, as well as national and international project partners, we develop for each

project complete end-to-end solutions for wind and solar parks all over

the world. We provide reliable assistance and

support to all involved parties during all stages

of the project such as planning and implementation

phase as well as during the whole service life

of the plants.

With our investments in photovoltaic and wind

energy projects we pursue the aim of contributing

to the world-wide development of renewable

energy while we are offering to private and

institutional investors as well as investment companies

the opportunity to contribute to the energy


Join us on the way to global energy transition

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