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Hyphen Hydrogen Energy (Pty) Ltd (“Hyphen”) is a Namibian registered green hydrogen development company, specifically formed to develop green hydrogen projects in Namibia for international, regional and domestic supply. Hyphen successfully bid on and has been awarded preferred bidder status on ~4,000km2 of land within the Tsau //Khaeb National Park for the development of Namibia’s first fully vertically integrated GW scale green hydrogen project. The project is being developed as the first step in the implementation of Government’s strategy for the development of a large scale green hydrogen industry in various regions in Namibia to support both economic growth in Namibia and assist the world in achieving its decarbonisation goals.

This US$9.4 billion project is planned to be developed in phases, at full development targeting 300,000 metric tons of Green Hydrogen production a year from 5GW of renewable generation capacity and 3GW electrolyser. The project once fully developed will employ an estimate 3,000 people, with 15,000 construction jobs supported over the four year construction period. Over 90% of these jobs are expected to be filled by local Namibians.

Hyphen is a joint venture between ENERTRAG, a renewable energy company and pioneer in green hydrogen production, and Nicholas Holdings specialist investment and project development company with a 33 year track record in Africa.

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