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Idemitsu Lubricants America

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Idemitsu Lubricants America (ILA) is committed to providing partnerships based on insight, integrity and innovation to our customers around the world. As one of the top 10 lubricant manufacturers globally, our dedication is proven with over a century of unsurpassed quality, superior product development and exceptional customer care for our customers both in the US and world-wide.

ILA has combined the very best of the American and Japanese management styles to create a hybrid management system that maximizes the strengths of each. This formidable combination has developed into a robust system that encourages innovation, high quality and laser-like customer focus.

Idemitsu Lubricants America Corporation was founded in 1991 as Apollo America Corporation.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Idemitsu Kosan we have both its wide knowledge base and technical development capabilities as resources supporting our commitment to bringing innovative products to our customers.

Founded in 1911 by Sazo Idemitsu, Idemitsu Kosan (Japan) shares its rich history with Idemitsu Lubricants America, giving us a strong foundation and deep desire to be leaders in innovation and quality.

In 2006 Apollo America changed its name to Idemitsu Lubricants America to unify the Idemitsu name around the world.

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