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Jordan Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Fund (JREEEF)


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JREEEF’s vision is: To make Jordan the recognized regional leader in sustainable energy implementation.

JREEEF’s mission is: To facilitate scaling-up of renewable energy and energy efficiency to meet the energy needs of Jordan, in accordance with the National Energy Strategy and National Energy Efficiency Action Plan.

To accomplish this mission, JREEEF will provide financial resources and technical assistance to energy users and renewable energy and energy efficiency project developers to facilitate the deployment of RE and EE technologies, reduce associated risks, expand market potential, and leverage existing resources.

The beneficiaries of JREEEF’s activities will include agencies of public sector and private sector, non-governmental organizations, scientific societies, research centers, and academic institutions and individuals that may be engaged in implementing renewable energy and/or energy efficiency projects.

The strategic objectives of JREEEF are to:

• Support the government in reducing the financial burdens on consumers and the economy resulting from energy imports and subsidies to the energy sector.

• Increase the private sector's economic resilience and competitiveness through deploying EE/RE applications wherever practical and economical.

• Support RE and EE projects and programs that open up new markets and are replicable and scalable.

• Support development of a domestic industry that can deliver the projects and services necessary to scale-up utilization of RE and EE in Jordan.

• Develop a network of partnerships for developing and implementing RE and EE projects of all sizes.

• Engage with donor agencies and other funds to establish a continuing flow of funding for renewable energy and energy efficiency investments.

Beneficiaries include:

• Households

• Private Sector SMEs

• Government Buildings & Facilities.

• Non-government organizations (NGOs).

• Community-based Organizations (CBOs).

• Universities and Research Centers .

• Tourism Sector.

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