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Kathari Water Management, promoted by Eversource Capital, was founded in 2021 with the objective possessing and managing assets in various water and waste sub-sectors in India. It aims to promote water sustainability while carrying out its operations.

The business model of Kathari is to invest in water and waste water assets and generate returns over a period of time under the BOO or BOT models. Kathari is seeking to invest in Desalination, Water Treatment and Sewage Treatment plants targeted at the municipal and industrial sector. In addition, Kathari would also invest in product and services companies which can actively contribute to water conservation in the residential and commercial space.

Each of the investments should contribute in a positive manner to the environment (Eg: Generate alternate sources of water such as desalination, reduce pollution load on water bodies by treating industrial and human waste, recycle waste water from industrial and domestic sources, contribute to reducing emissions through optimal use of energy etc) in a sustainable and measurable manner.

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