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Specialist financier for the German and European export industry and project finance

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KfW IPEX-Bank is the specialist financier for the German and European economies. In the fields of export finance and project finance we are a competent partner with decades of experience in the key business sectors of German and European companies: basic industries, industries and services, power, renewables and water, maritime industries, aviation, rail, transport and social infrastructure. We provide tailored medium to long-term financing solutions as our core product. With a lending volume of EUR 69.1 billion, KfW IPEX-Bank is a top address in its market.

Responsible financing

The objective of our financings is to preserve and enhance the competitiveness and internationalisation of German and European export enterprises. We also finance economic and social infrastructure in Europe and help to secure the supply of raw materials. We clearly acknowledge our social responsibility and support the realisation of environmental and climate protection projects all over the world. Our task of providing financing to support the German and European economies is derived from the legal mandate of KfW Group.

Meet us around the world at our international locations

In addition to our headquarters in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) we have offices in the key global financial centres: our London Branch and KfW IPEX-Bank Asia Ltd. as well as representative offices in Abu Dhabi, Bogotá, Istanbul, Johannesburg, Mexico City, Mumbai, New York and São Paulo.

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