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KGAL Consulting Engineers Ltd

Water Control - Hydropower - Moving Structures. Success by design. Your partners in engineering excellence.


KGAL offers a complete structural, mechanical, electrical and hydraulic engineering services to the construction industry through all stages of a project from conceptual design development to final commissioning on site.

Now recognised as the UK's leading specialist in the field of water control gate design (the home page photo shows the KGAL-designed radial spillway gates at Xayaburi in Lao), KGAL's portfolio has grown to cover other specialist moving structures including renewable energy turbines, moving bridges, ro-ro linkspans, innovative boatlifts and bespoke equipment.

With UK offices in Poole and Wakefield and, as a subsidiary of Wheesoe Sdn. Bhd., associate offices in Kuala Lumpur and Vientiane, the Company now employs over 30 staff including chartered and incorporated engineers and technicians.

KGAL has been independently assessed and accredited as having processes compliant with SHEQ Management System: OHSAS18001: 2007 for Health & Safety and ISO14001:2004 for Environment.

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