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LAMDA Development S.A.


LAMDA Development S.A., listed on the main market of the Athens Exchange, is a holding company specializing in the development, investment and management of real estate in Greece and South-Eastern Europe

The company is the leader in the Retail Real Estate sector in Greece with successful diversification in the office and residential sectors in Greece as well as in countries of the South – Eastern Europe.

The company’s development portfolio includes: three commercial and leisure centers, The Mall Athens and Golden Hall in Athens and Mediterranean Cosmos in Thessaloniki (total GLA 147.000 m2), innovative residential complexes, office buildings and Flisvos Marina in Faliro.

Following the completion of the relevant competition process, the contract of the sale and purchase of 100% of the share capital of "HELLINIKON SA"​ has been signed between «HELLINIKON GLOBAL I SA», a subsidiary of the Company, and the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund. The Company has signed the said contract as a guarantor. The transfer of the aforementioned shares will take place subsequently and under the condition of fulfilment of the conditions precedent provided in the contract.

The company has a top reputation as member of the Latsis Group.

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