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Luminus Technical University College

We offer Bachelor's programs, Diplomas (Int'l, local, and vocational) & short courses that lead to employment.


Luminus Technical University College (LTUC) is Jordan’s leading College offering diploma

and bachelor programs in various technical and vocational fields for more than 5000 students

now. Recently a new campus opened in Irbid, new campuses will be realized in East Amman

and Aqaba.

Luminus vision is to deliver the very best in class education for employment in Jordan and

the Region and so provide a skilled workforce that meets industry’s demands and supports

economic growth and social stability.

By focusing on strategic sectors identified in the Jordan 2025 Vision and engaging with

employers from the initial course development through to placements and employment,

youth in Jordan will have the opportunity to undertake high quality vocational and technical

programs and embark on meaningful career pathways.

Luminus aims to be enroll 8,000 – 10,000 youth per annum by 2021/22 by developing an

affordable, innovative and scalable TVET model that addresses the current mismatch of

skills and widens access for those on low and middle incomes. The engine of this model will

be the deployment of world-class technologies, specifically through an integrated

management information system, that will drive change, realize economies of scale and

promote efficient and effective delivery and assessment mechanisms.

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