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Marubeni America Corporation

The NY branch of this $65 billion revenue global holding company, listed in Japan under the symbol "8002"​


Marubeni America Corporation is the New York City based branch of publicly traded Marubeni Corporation of Japan with ~US$76 billion revenue and ~US$3.8 billion net profit (FYE March 2022, 1 USD = 112 JPY).

Marubeni New York invites serious inquires to it's Business Development team that are related to industries of it's US holdings, or even ones related to the larger Marubeni Group outside of the Americas.

Select Assets in the Americas consist of the following:

AIRCASTLE: Aircraft leasing

MAGELLAN GROUP: Aircraft parts, leasing

MARUBENI AEROSPACE: Various aero-space trade

MACROSOURCE: Fertilizer wholesaler

COLUMBIA GRAIN: Grain merchandiser

EASTERN FISH: Distributor of fish


BELTERRA: Rubber belting distributor

ALL STATE BELTING: Rubber belting distributor


MARUBENI BUS. MACHINES: Copy machine reseller

HELENA AGRI ENTERPRISES: Crop input distributor

MARUBENI OIL AND GAS: Oil and gas concessions

MIECO: Petroleum products trader

ENERGY USA: Uranium sales & trading

MARUBENI POWER INT.: Development of power proj

PIC GROUP: Generation O&M services

MARUBENI PLANT CONTRACT: Plant construction services

TERLOGS TERMINAL : Maritime grain terminal

CAFÉ IGUAÇÚ: Coffee producer

<<50% of Less Shareholder Interest>>

WESTLAKE : Sub prime car leasing

RADIAL LLANTAS: Mexican tire retailer

CITIZEN CINCOM: Metal working machines

ALUMI-ALOUETTE: Quebec based smelter

MARUBENI ITOCHU STEEL: Diversified steel products

MARUBENI EAGLEFORD: Shale oil development

MIDWEST RAILCAR: Lessor of rail cars

GULFSTAR FPSO: Floating platform in GOM

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