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Welcome to M&G Global Services Private Limited.

We are M&G plc's capability centre based in Mumbai, initially started as a back-office operational support to the UK business unit.

However, over the recent years, we have significantly increased the breadth and depth of our capabilities and offerings to keep pace with the changing needs of the business.

Our core purpose is to enable growth by delivering change & driving synergies through a wide range of service offerings extending from Digital Services (Digital Engineering, AI, Advanced Analytics, RPA, and BI & Insights), Business Transformation, Management Consulting & Strategy, Finance & Actuarial, M&G Investments (Origination & Credit Research), Information Technology (IT), Customer Service, Risk & Compliance and Audit.

With our diversified service offerings we provide our people with exciting opportunities to grow personally and professionally.

M&G plc is a leading savings and investments business in the UK with over 170 years of experience of finding innovative solutions to help people improve their financial futures, has offices across 20 European countries, managing assets worth £352+ bn and serving around 5.5 million retail customers & over 800 institutional clients.

Its innovative asset management and customer solutions are supported by extensive investment capabilities, an international distribution network and two strong brands: Prudential and M&G Investments.

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