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Nature Energy is the global leader in biomethane production from organic waste and the pioneer in "Biogas 2.0." We transform waste products and biological waste from agriculture, and private households into a sustainable supply of energy in the form of biogas. Simultaneously, we return the de-gassed biomass to the agriculture industry to use as fertilizer. Our headquarters are based in Denmark where we operate 13 plants and supply one third of all biomethane running through the Danish gas grid. We have plants in development in Canada, France, the Netherlands and the United States and Canada.

Our industrial scale plants, our team of 500+ dedicated engineers, scientists, and biogas leaders with the know-how and utilization of first-in-class technologies have allowed us to be a leader in the green transition in Europe. We continuously invest in large-scale, innovative technologies with our on premise lab.

When we produce the energy locally and make use of local raw material from agriculture, industry and private households, we help create local jobs and circular energy – and help boost the economy. We are a purpose-driven company playing a vital role in the green transition and the "circular economy."

Interested in joining us? Please take a look at all of our job openings here: If you are looking for new challenges, find them with us at At Nature Energy, you will experience a strong pioneering spirit and a legacy of giving back to the communities in which we live and work. We are passionate about what we do, we set high standards, and we are ambitious about the role we play in solving some of our world's greatest challenges. From the movement toward decarbonized energy resources to how to turn waste into value to how to produce fertilizer to increase on-farm yields and help farmers produce more food for a growing population and the food insecure.

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