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Founded in 1998, Quantum is a private equity investment firm that together with its affiliates has had more than $21 billion in capital commitments under stewardship since inception. Quantum makes private equity, private debt, and climate tech investments across the energy value chain. Over its 25-year history, the Firm has generated attractive risk-adjusted returns through disciplined investment strategies executed by a complementary team of cycle-tested energy professionals using an approach to risk management that has been tested and refined through multiple commodity, market and technology cycles. Quantum focuses on the preservation of capital while identifying, analyzing, pricing and managing risk in order to reduce volatility. Quantum is focused on Responsibly Sourced Oil & Gas Production, Infrastructure, Power & Renewables, Carbon Capture, Use & Storage, Decarbonization & the Circular Economy, and the Energy & Sustainability Technologies sectors. The firm is an existing signatory of the Principles of Responsible Investment and the Institutional Limited Partners Association’s Diversity in Action initiative.

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