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RealPort ist eine regulatorisch konforme Investmentplattform für nachhaltige Infrastrukturanlagen.

#1324 of 1379 Investors

Founded in 2019

Berlin, Germany


RealPort is a smart-contract based investment platform, which empowers small institutional, semi-institutional and family office capital to flexibly gain exposure to sustainable real assets they otherwise wouldn’t have access to.

Reputable investment managers on the other hand, access these untapped pools of capital to address their primary or secondary fundraising needs at fund- or project-level - in a standardised and cost-efficient transaction process.

RealPort´s vision is to create frictionless tradability for sustainable infrastructure assets globally.

Unlock investment opportunities in sustainable infrastructure assets with:

1)Smaller tickets: Ability to invest as little as €500K on a single asset level in otherwise very large-ticket assets

2)Competitive cost: Low-risk infrastructure investments at very competitive management costs and low brokerage fees

3)Co-investment: Co-invest in sustainable assets managed by the most reputable investment managers in the industry

4)Transparency: Tech-enabled transparency in the entire investment process, from due diligence to allocation

5)Independent analysis: Independent analysis by Scope Analysis and access to a data room including due diligence reports

6)Standardised structure: Invest via a standardised investment structure that has been validated by legal and regulatory experts

The platform is operated by seasoned technology, finance, regulatory and compliance experts based in Berlin, Frankfurt, Mumbai, Gdynia, Warsaw and Porto, London and Munich.

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