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TRG Marketing

We. Think. Results.

Founded in 2004

Brookfield, Wisconsin


TRG Marketing is a marketing firm that helps clients raise awareness and differentiate themselves through public relations, advertising, direct marketing and internet communications. Our clients see the benefit of having a long-term relationship with a firm that can expand and contract according to their needs.

Our Specialties:

* Marketing: We create and execute marketing programs that are flexible, practical and sustainable for growing organizations.

* Strategy: Our thoughtful and comprehensive approach to strategy development helps clients consider all options, focus their efforts and stretch dollars.

* Partnerships: We work with clients to forge deeper connections with their most important audiences.

TRG Marketing offers these points of difference:

* Business-Focus: At its core, marketing isn't about fancy parties or clever slogans. It's about creating business values.

* Service-Orientation: We listen well, anticipate needs and really get to know our clients.

* Congruence: Marketing doesn't take place in a vacuum, so we attach our recommendations to real business objectives.

* Opportunism: Resources are scarce, so we leverage the internal resources of clients to the greatest extent possible.

* Integrity: The Golden Rule applies here. Always.

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