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Ylem Energy Limited


Experts in flexible, smart energy generation and storage solutions that reduce costs, lower carbon emissions.

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YLEM Energy is a leading independent power generation specialist with more than three decades’ experience in building, owning and operating smart generation systems.

Ylem specialises in delivering state-of-the-art generation systems that fully integrate with the sites they serve, investing millions in projects that reduce energy costs, build greater resilience, and help our clients on their way to net zero, supporting the UK’s legally binding targets for tackling climate change and decarbonising the grid.

Ylem’s on-site generation solutions which include solar PV, state of the art battery storage and hydrogen ready gas generation solutions are connected in parallel with the grid and future proofed in line with national plans to decarbonise by including hydrogen in the natural gas pipeline supply. Ylem Energy can also provide carbon offsets or green gas certificates to help decarbonise its clients’ businesses.

Fully funded through Dynamic Power Purchase Agreements (DPPA), designed, built, owned, operated and maintained by Ylem, its proven generation and storage solutions are tailored to I&C major energy users, offering guaranteed savings and enabling clients to focus on their day-to-day business.

Formerly known as ENER-G Natural Power Ltd, Ylem Energy Ltd (pronounced ‘eee-lem’), was founded on its pioneering ability to generate energy from biogas fuels sourced from landfill and AD processes. Based in Salford, UK, the company draws upon decades of experience owning and operating reciprocating gaseous-fuelled generation systems throughout the world.

Whilst continuing its traditional activities with such systems, following significant investment in research and development, Ylem is now focused on advancing its onsite generation offer, delivering state-of-the-art flexible generation systems that bolster grid resilience and lower energy-intensive organisations’ reliance on importing costly peak power.

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