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Datacode provides technology, services and tools to gain valuable knowledge and insights from data. It has, over its existence for 25 years, mastered the art of data management, with an in-depth understanding of data acquisition, processing and modeling. The analytical skill of our team enables us to develop your model with you, encouraging high levels of confidence, leading to an increase in ROI. Shared domain knowledge and expertise enables us to fulfill your technical and business requirements.

Our mantra of Global Solutions for Local Needs has been the building block for providing our partners a world class customized solution to drive their exploration projects at minimal cost, reduced risk and optimized resources. Our alliances with leading organizations worldwide ensure that we can offer our customers a choice of top-of-the-line products and technologies.

Our core business strength equally focuses on the sale of software products, on providing consulting services along with training and research. Over the years, our consulting activities have provided us with insights into various technologies and migration issues. The synergy of sales and consulting leads us to provide an end-to-end solution and achieve our motto in each and every opportunity. The training and research gives us first hand opportunity to share our knowledge and problems with our clients.

The Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide support services that enables Geoscientists / Earth Science Professionals to excel in

their business, thereby creating knowledge and wealth for our clients. We do this by creating and maintaining

total quality systems, upgrading continuously the skills of our people, service and products.

As an organization, Datacode has embraced the challenge of developing complete Geosciences

Software Solutions in India catering to the global market.

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