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A leading institutional investor in the global energy and infrastructure sectors.

#635 of 1379 Investors

Founded in 1982

Washington, District of Columbia


EIG is a leading institutional investor in the global energy and infrastructure sectors with $23.5 billion under management as of March 31, 2023. EIG specializes in private investments in energy and energy-related infrastructure on a global basis. During its 41-year history, EIG has committed $44.3 billion in 400 projects or companies in 42 countries on six continents. EIG is headquartered in Washington, D.C., with offices in Houston, London, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong and Seoul.

EIG appreciates the support of many loyal clients, business partners and friends, but we are limited in how we can discuss such matters in a social media forum. SEC rules for investment advisers prohibit our use of endorsements to promote or market our services. Accepting recommendations and endorsements on LinkedIn is viewed by the SEC as a violation of law, and, accordingly, we do not accept them as a matter of policy. EIG is not responsible for nor does EIG accept or condone any comments by third parties on this page.

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