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Export Trading Group

ETG, a global conglomerate, owns and manages vertically integrated supply chains across 6 continents.

Founded in 1967

Moka, Mauritius


ETG has developed into a global player with a presence in 48 countries, spanning 6 continents.

The Group has a diverse portfolio of expertise across various industries, encompassing agricultural inputs, logistics, food processing, Energy, Minerals and Metals, Technology and supply chain optimization.

ETG’s 8 verticals are structured in a manner to emphasize focus and optimize strategic growth opportunities. We adapt and grow responsibly as a diversified enterprise, creating a sustainable future for all our stakeholders.

Over 7700 employees contribute every day to achieve our vision and purpose, and live our values (Respect, Integrity, Pursuit of Excellence, Leadership and Meritocracy)

Agri Inputs and Chemicals:

ETG’s agri inputs & chemicals are distributed to farmers across Africa.

ETG Logistics

ETG has developed an extensive network of port, city and rural infrastructure supported by rail and road logistics. Utilizing its extensive African knowledge and expertise, the business included a distribution model for Farming and Automation brands.


Vamara is a consumer-packaged goods business with our roots in Africa. We manage a value chain of leading brands across multiple categories and geographies

ETG Commodities

ETG Commodities trade on various exchanges, where liquid derivative instruments are used to mititgate price risk within the commodities value chain.


ETG Pulses is an important player in the global plant based protein market and a leading processor of quality products.


Nuforth is a fast-growing global platform that helps brands expand their reach into potential markets in GCC, Africa and Asia.


Nutrisco is ETG’s food ingredients business, consisting of a variety of edible nuts, raw and processed cashew nuts, rice, sesame and cocoa.


EIRS is a growing international risk management professional services firm. EIRS has developed PURPLEWALLET, a technology-driven end-to-end insurance platform.

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