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Fu-Gen is an independent power producer that develops, owns and operates renewable energy sources. We have a holistic view on renewable energy, working with several technologies in our portfolio.

Our strategy aims for the creation, and long-term ownership of an extensive portfolio made up of wind, solar, hydrogen and storage-based assets.

The ongoing electrification of our society is causing a fast-growing increase in demand for renewable energy. We want to be part of this revolution and contribute to the energy system of the future – a system that can be the basis for a sustainable and viable society for generations to come.

We develop projects from scratch, so-called greenfield, but also invest in projects along the value chain from the pre-permit or ready-to-build phases, through to operating wind and solar assets. Our focus is on investments where costs are at grid parity, meaning there is no need for subsidies.

Currently we are focused on the Nordics but have ambitions to grow beyond these countries. We have offices both in Zurich and in Stockholm.

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