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Green in our motivations, we are your PV construction and EV charging Buddies! We are "The Unstoppables"​.

Founded in 2017

Praha, Hlavní město Praha


☀ Greenbuddies Group provides complete solutions for PV plants and EV charging!

🛠 We deliver a full scope of tasks related to planning, construction, operation, and maintenance of solar plants and charging infrastructure. We aim to provide the perfect solution design, along with all the project documentation for the actual delivery of technology and the scope of work.

👷‍♂️ We work with hundreds of professionals from across Central Europe who mastered considerable technical and engineering expertise to ensure the best results in all fields from design, project management, procurement of components, ramming and civil works to the construction and electrical works on site.

🔌 We can develop a complete technical solution including delivery of EV chargers, energy storage, PV modules, CarPort structures and related interconnection infrastructure.

💪 Our services meet the highest quality standards and are provided in strict compliance with safety and quality regulations.

Scope of work in areas:

✅ Photovoltaic power plants – Complete scope of work from Engineering, Construction to Operation & Maintenance | Solutions for solar power plants including storage

✅ EV Charging infrastructure – Complete solutions | EV chargers | CarPorts (with PV) | Battery storage | Engineering, construction, and electrical installation

✅ Consulting services – Solution design | Project documentation | Processing of subsidy for PV plant

✅ Development of PV and EV charging projects in the EU – Searching for new opportunities for construction of solar power plants | Preparation of projects up to the ready-to-build stage

We are your PV construction, O&M and EV Charging Infrastructure Buddies.

We are Green in our motivations and we are “The Unstoppables“.

We have completed over 500 MWp of constructed PV plants within the last 5 years.

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