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Being insured with us is to have someone who cares for you by your side. This is our culture and what we work fo...


If insures all that is valuable to you in life: People, animals, homes, cars and more. We also help companies to ensure that it is business as usual even if they suffer a claim. Thanks to our 7900 skilled employees, our 3.6 million customers have the right coverage and can feel confident that they will get the help they need if something should happen.

If's working culture is international, and we are committed to diversity. Our mindset is customer centric: It is our stated goal to be easy to understand and use from our customers'? perspective. We are the undifficult insurance company.

Would you like to work with us? We encourage qualified candidates to apply, regardless of age, gender, disability, cultural or ethnic background.

If Skadeforsäkring - Sweden

If Skadeforsiking - Norway

If Skadeforsikring - Danmark

If Vakuutus - Finland

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