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We are Karpowership, the inventors and pioneers, the fastest, cleanest and most affordable option for a country's large-scale and urgent energy needs.

We invented the modern Powership, and we own and run the largest fleet of its kind in the world today. Powerships are barge- or ship-based power plants which convert regasified LNG or heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) into power. They plug straight into a country's grid to provide electricity and provide stable electricity at an affordable cost.

We are a family company, founded in 1948, driven by a desire to find innovative solutions to the global energy crisis. We want to pioneer new technologies which improve energy supply and provide more efficient, cleaner and greener energy to markets in the fastest time ever seen. Because we are a family run company, we are willing to take bold risks and long-term, giving us a flexibility and an agility that the other big power players don't have.

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