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We are bound by one objective – to deliver investment outcomes for our clients.

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Founded in 1991

Brisbane, Queensland


We are bound by one objective – to deliver investment outcomes for our clients. Created in 1991 by the Queensland government to serve its long-term investment responsibilities, we have grown into a leading long-term specialist manager in alternatives. We focus on our clients and their clients, first, last and only. Their objectives are our only objectives. We deliver to over 110 like-minded institutional investors in Australia and internationally.

Our investment capabilities are relevant for today’s investment landscape. Our local and global networks give us access to quality alternative assets with a focus on infrastructure, real estate and private capital. We also specialise in liquid market solutions, providing multi-asset portfolios, liquid alternatives, active fixed interest and tailored overlays for our clients.

Our heritage as an alternatives specialist with a long-term investor mindset informs everything we do and has enabled us to become the visionary asset manager we are today. It’s in our DNA, embedded in our asset classes and delivered in our returns. It’s what we pursue day in, day out for our clients and why over AU$79bn (US$54bn) of people’s dreams are entrusted with us.

*As at 30 June 2020

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