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SAB is one of the oldest financial institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is regulated and supervised by the Saudi Central Bank. It offers an integrated set of market-leading financial and investment solutions, and it has a strategic partnership with the HSBC Group, one of the world’s largest banking and financial services institutions. The bank’s assets in the Kingdom date back about 100 years, and since then it has been an active partner in supporting economic growth and social development in the Kingdom. in addition to his active contributions to the development of the financial sector and the provision of leading financial solutions.

Its strategic partnership with the HSBC Group means that customers will have access to the HSBC Group's global network, resources, skills, and specialist knowledge and expertise, as well as our market-leading services and customer service.

The Saudi British Bank, a listed joint stock company, incorporated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with paid in capital of SAR 20,547,945,220, commercial registration certificate 1010025779, unified number 7000018668, P.O. Box 9084 Riyadh 11413, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Tel. +966 11 4050677,, licensed pursuant to the Council of Ministers Resolution No. 198 dated 06/02/1398H and Royal Decree No. M/4 dated 12/08/1398H, and regulated and supervised by the Saudi Central Bank.

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