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Empowering Communities to Progress.

#210 of 363 Lenders

Founded in 1870

Milano, MI


UniCredit exists to empower communities to progress. To deliver for all our stakeholders across Europe and unlock the potential within each individual and community we serve.

We are a pan-European bank: our 13 banks across the continent work together as one, leveraging the strength of the collective to deliver for our clients, employees and investors.

We have a common culture that energizes and emboldens our people. We put the values of integrity, ownership and care at the heart of our decision-making and everything we do.

We are working to create the bank for Europe’s future - a bank that delivers for all stakeholders and is capable of unlocking the potential of people, businesses and communities across Europe.

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UniCredit (UNCFF) Is a Great Choice for 'Trend' Investors, Here's Why

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UniCredit, RBI among banks on hook for $2.4 billion in Signa loans -source By Reute...

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UniCredit, RBI among banks on hook for $2.4 bln in Signa loans -source

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